Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fine Art Landscape Paintings of the Morro Bay Estuary!

Our Estuary is a magical place - and in our wonderful gallery we have tons of amazing art which brings you on a journey throughout our own Morro Bay!

Susan Wood's View from North Point

Linda Loeb's Waves

Pat Newton's Morro Rock at Sunset

Jeff Odell's El Moro

Ardella Swanberg's Morro Sunset

Jari de Ham's Egrets and Hollister Peak

Hope Myer's Baywood Rowboat

Virginia Mack's A Curlew's View

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pastel, Pen and Ink Paintings and Drawings!

Gallery at Marina Square has many amazing artists, including some fantastic Pen and Ink artists!

Drawing with pen and ink allows the artist to create strong areas of contrast. Most ink drawings are completed using black inks on white surfaces which leads to heavy contrast in value. Many artists choose to exploit this contrast.

Here's some examples of amazing pen and ink drawings, many with color added through the use of Pastels or Colored Pencil!

Don Doubledee

Linda Loebs

Virginia Mack

George Asdel

Mark Allen

Monday, July 4, 2016

Media Spotlight - Magnets & Mini Art!

Magnets & Mini-Art!!

Gallery at Marina Square is an esteemed local art gallery, but we are not just full of large art, we have small items too!

Often the perfect gift is not something large, it is something portable, unique and beautiful! Here in Morro Bay Gallery at Marina Square has a wide variety of great gifts. Here’s just a few:

Glass Figurative Magnet by Linda Hill

Photo Magnet by Alison Salome

Landscape Painting Magnet by Linda Loebs

Dichroic Glass Magnet by Linda Hill

Pen and Ink Magnet by Linda Loebs

Landscape Painting Magnets by Linda Loebs

Figurative Glass Magnet by Linda Hill

Small Painted Patterns Frame by Ardella Swanberg

Small Painted Patterns Frame by Ardella Swanberg

Mini Figurative Doll by Ardella Swanberg

Elaborate & Beautiful Wooden Box by Craig Harrill

Elaborate & Beautiful Wooden Box by Craig Harrill

Sleepy Cat Framed Drawing by Don Doubledee 
Small Watercolor Giclee's by Sarah DeLong

Mini-Oil Painting by Jeff Odell

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Media Spotlight - Gallery at Marina Square's Glass Artists - Linda Richardson, Dianne Miller, Linda Hill, & Rod Baker.


Linda Richardson

Linda Richardson is a Stained Glass Artist who lives in Morro Bay.

She creates a very wide variety of stained glass work of all sizes! From small Owls...

To large show pieces of our very own Morro Rock!

But her skill is not limited to local California sights. 

Her masterful skill is manifest in a wide variety of amazing stained glass pieces! But she is just one of our amazing Glass artists!


Dianne Miller

We are a Gallery of esteemed artists of the Central Coast, so it should not be a surprise that Glass Artist Dianne Miller also lives in Morro Bay.

Dianne creates a tremendous variety of ornaments, bottles and sculptures! From friendly, to useful to whimsical and hilarious!

From Perfume Bottles, to salt & pepper shakers

Even Morro Bay's own famous white dogs are represented in Ornament form!

Dianne has far to many amazing pieces to list, you have to come down and see the rest!


Linda Hill

Jeweler and Glass Fuser Linda Hill loves working in the sparkly-wonderfulness that is Dichroic Glass! 

Dichroic glass is a glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions.

With Dichro, Linda can leverage the glass' ability to both reflect and transmit different wavelengths of light, creating multiple textures and flashes of colorful light reflecting all around!

Linda may live in Los Osos, but her pieces can be both abstract while being very literal as well. Here is a piece that is a freshly caught fish, hanging on it's hook - a perfect reflection of Morro Bay's nautical roots!


Rod Baker

Rod Baker also lives in Los Osos and also works with Dichroic Glass - but his work reflects a completely different style - more sculptural than ornamental - but reflect a tremendous skill. 

Infinity itself can be reflected back into you when gazing into his paperweights.

His Floats can lift any space, gardens, holiday decorations, back yards and offices.

Rod really put's his heart into his work!

Art isn't all work, it is utility as well. But, you should come down and see the rest of his displays - and the rest of our Artists work too!


See you soon, and thank you for visiting us here on our Gallery at Marina Square Blog!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Media Spotlight - Oil Painters in Gallery at Marina Square - Patricia Newton & Jeff Odell

Gallery at Marina Square features many great Oil Painters in addition to our retinue of amazing artists!

The first of our Media Spotlight focuses for today is Patricia Newton!

Pat has been a painter for her entire life! Her skill and mastery of the Oil Painter's brush is easily seen in her astounding work. 

Pat has lived and worked on the Central Coast for over 30 years, she creates whenever she has a free moment!  She hopes and dreams that each work of art that she produces,  goes to a happy and loving home! Every time she creates a painting, she feels like a tiny bit of her soul lives with each artwork!

In Pat's own words: "I have always been intrigued by the essence of light, the luminosity of color, the expression of a face, a warm gentle breeze, the smell of citrus or salty air. My style is representational, utilizing a glazing technique of many thin layers to create a translucent effect that provides depth and emanates light from my paintings."

Gallery at Marina Square has a tremendous number of talented and amazing Oil Painters!

Jeff Odell is an exceptionally talented local painter. A major influence for Jeff was his experience in the painting studio of nationally recognized painter and Professor Emeritus Wilbur Niewald, who taught that the only way to get at the visual truth of color is to work directly from nature.

Jeff Odell has pursued the “truth of color” for more than 30 years on the Central California Coast, painting rural/urban landscapes, seascapes, portraits and figures, interior studies, and “anything that will sit long enough to serve as a subject.” 

Jeff is an amazing person, and an amazing artist. His paintings can create a sense of the sublime in almost any space. You live in a beautiful place, decorate it with some of his beautiful art!