Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Media Spotlight - Oil Painters in Gallery at Marina Square - Patricia Newton & Jeff Odell

Gallery at Marina Square features many great Oil Painters in addition to our retinue of amazing artists!

The first of our Media Spotlight focuses for today is Patricia Newton!

Pat has been a painter for her entire life! Her skill and mastery of the Oil Painter's brush is easily seen in her astounding work. 

Pat has lived and worked on the Central Coast for over 30 years, she creates whenever she has a free moment!  She hopes and dreams that each work of art that she produces,  goes to a happy and loving home! Every time she creates a painting, she feels like a tiny bit of her soul lives with each artwork!

In Pat's own words: "I have always been intrigued by the essence of light, the luminosity of color, the expression of a face, a warm gentle breeze, the smell of citrus or salty air. My style is representational, utilizing a glazing technique of many thin layers to create a translucent effect that provides depth and emanates light from my paintings."

Gallery at Marina Square has a tremendous number of talented and amazing Oil Painters!

Jeff Odell is an exceptionally talented local painter. A major influence for Jeff was his experience in the painting studio of nationally recognized painter and Professor Emeritus Wilbur Niewald, who taught that the only way to get at the visual truth of color is to work directly from nature.

Jeff Odell has pursued the “truth of color” for more than 30 years on the Central California Coast, painting rural/urban landscapes, seascapes, portraits and figures, interior studies, and “anything that will sit long enough to serve as a subject.” 

Jeff is an amazing person, and an amazing artist. His paintings can create a sense of the sublime in almost any space. You live in a beautiful place, decorate it with some of his beautiful art!

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