Saturday, August 1, 2015

Media Spotlight—Mixed Media 2015

We have quite a few artists at Gallery at Marina Square who work in “mixed media”—combining two or more media in one piece.

Ingrid Brink—Mixed Media

Ingrid Brink
Ingrid Brink and her husband Jan live in Baywood Park on the Central Coast and part time on the Big Island of Hawaii. The interplay of land, sea and sky of these two places in paradise with their amazing colors and textures provide ever-changing inspiration.

Ingrid creates many of her paintings using cut out pieces of watercolors and assembling them in a collage to achieve a unique effect.

Brink is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and has taught as an Artist-in-Residence for 23 years. Ingrid embraces Paul Klee’s belief that “Art does not reproduce what we see, rather, it makes us see.”

Mauna Loa Waiting © Ingrid Brink

Don Doubledee—Mixed Media

Don Doubledee
Don Doubledee has been an Architect since 1982. Don has become known locally for portraits he has completed with graphite, color pencil or pen and ink.

His “Postcards of Amsterdam” began a number of series of what Don calls his “Postcard” sketches featuring line drawings he has completed while vacationing around the world. Now, his “Postcards of Morro Bay” series features detailed pencil drawings of Morro Bay’s waterfront.

Sunday Morning © Don Doubledee

Lisa Kanofsky—Mixed Media

Lisa Kanofsky
Lisa Kanofsky is a California native. She has an A.A. degree in fashion design from Brooks college in Long Beach, California This is where she discovered her affinity for textiles, textile design, silk ainting and fashion accessories. She also holds a B.A degree in liberal arts from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California.

Having lived in Europe and Africa broadened her aesthetic scope and palette. Always influenced by her surroundings, she draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and urban landscapes.

In 2011, Lisa created an online shop featuring her tiny art pieces and her “tiny tableau pendants.” This collection now includes rings and earrings. These are created from portions of original mixed media paintings and are secured under a glass cabochon. Each piece is an original work signed by the artist.

Untitled © Lisa Kanofsky

Linda LoebsMixed Media

Linda Loebs
Linda remembers that as a child she crawled behind her couch to draw a whole village of circle people on the wall. Her skills have come a long way since her wall drawings, but the passion is still there. She loves to paint, to create, to watch as an image appears, and finds it’s always exciting to see how colors come together on the canvas, and her art reflects this love of color.

Linda has two degrees in art: an AA in Fine Art from Cuesta College and a BS in Art and Design from Calpoly.

A Poe Moon © Linda Loebs

Mari O’BrienMixed Media

Mari O’Brien
Mary O’Brien was an academic teaching French and English language and literature, comparative literature, and humanities—for twenty-five years—until she felt a calling to return to the art that inspired much of her youth.

Her work is rendered mainly in acrylic, collage, and mixed media. She paints in a primarily intuitive, adventurous, and experimental way, resulting in abstract or non-representational pieces, using multiple layers and creating a rich, complex tapestry. Some folks describe her and her work as eccentric and eclectic, and she freely admits that I like these descriptors!

For Mari, a successful painting evokes an emotional response on the part of the viewer, even when no identifiable subject is depicted.

Rock the Boat © Mari O’Brien

Nona Jane SiragusaMixed Media

Nona Jane Siragusa
Nona Jane paints various types of Angels using different kinds of paper, cloth, paint, inks, and varnish—a collage and photomontage of other mediums.

When asked why she paints angels, Jane has said, “I believe that Angels move among us and encourage us along in life by their will and intellect. I can feel them invisibly directing my actions.”

Nona Jane is also a plein-air artist. Her landscape and seascape paintings in oil capture the clear and intense light of the Central Coast.

Grigori Angel II © Jane Siragus