Saturday, July 12, 2014

Media Spotlight—Drawing 2014

Occasionally we like to showcase artists at Gallery at Marina Square that work in a specific media—this time we would like to highlight a couple of our artists who draw—with pencil, charcoal, ink, crayon, or any other type of drawing medium.

Linda Bench—Drawing

Linda Bench
Linda likes to draw inspiring natural scenes—coastal panoramas, oak covered hillsides, flowers and wildlife. While she’s always enjoyed drawing and art, she learned to draw well while studying landscape architecture in college. In 1998, she began focusing her artistic efforts on colored pencil drawing, and has slowly built up her portfolio. Each picture takes about 20 to 25 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the background. She starts with a line drawing, slowly building up multiple layers of color to achieve the depth and intensity she’s looking for. Linda lives with her family in the mountains between Morro Bay and Atascadero.

California Poppies © Linda Bench
Let’s Dance © Linda Bench

A Taste of Summer © Linda Bench

Jo Swanberg
Ardella (Jo) Swanberg—Drawing

Jo Swanberg keeps a small sketch book in her purse and she draws whenever she has to wait for someone. She keeps another one in her plein air art supplies and makes a drawing in it before she starts a painting. She uses only ink because one year she kept forgetting to put a pencil in her supplies and had to use Micron pens instead. Now she only uses ink in her sketchbooks because it doesn’t smear like pencil does. She often adds watercolor to her drawings. Here are some of Jo’s drawings:

Wednesday Irregulars © Ardella Swanberg
Windmill © Ardella Swanberg

Alice Cushing © Ardella Swanberg 
Shirley and Carl © Ardella Swanberg
San Simeon Pier © Ardella Swanberg

George Asdel—Drawing
George Asdel

Earlier he and his wife Kathie taught art in Newfoundland, Canada, where they also had a gallery. George’s self-discipline leads him to sketch each morning based on a theme-of-the-day he’s set up: on Mondays he draws mammals, on Tuesdays he draws bugs, etc. His drawings sometimes lead to watercolors. 

Drawing or painting, George likes to give his viewers a smile.

Cat and Crows
© George Asdel
Frequent Flyer Monarch
© George Asdel

Birdbath Weather Report © George Asdel
Magic Fish © George Asdel
The Tiger and the Dreamer © George Asdel