Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Media Spotlight—Photography 2013

Bill Sima—Photography

Bill Sima is a local orthopaedic surgeon who has been practicing in Templeton for twenty years. After graduating with his M.D. in orthopaedic surgery from USC and subspecialty fellowship surgery from Harbor UCLA Medical Center, he relocated to the central coast where he has been in private practice since.

© Bill Sima

Growing up in Hawaii inspired his enthusiasm for photography of landscapes.  He primarily captures pictures of the central coast's landscape highlights such as beautiful beaches and vineyards which he digitally enhances to reflect the beauty of the area.

© Bill Sima

Beth Sargent—Photography

Beth Sargent
Nature’s gift to us is the deep connection to its beauty and mystery. I experience such joy wandering in nature capturing beautiful moments in time, whether it’s the shimmering color of a sunset or the majesty of an owl in flight.

For me, nature and landscape photography is my soul’s purpose.

I have photographed most of my life, but digital technology really brought it home for me. When I purchased my first digital SLR camera, it started a wonderful journey that I could not even imagine. I have learned so much and have made many cherished friendships along the way.

My photography incorporates a technique called high dynamic range (HDR). This process blends 3 or more images at different exposures to create an exceptionally beautiful photograph that has a full range of light, color and depth.

I print my photography on professional metallic paper. This adds to the already diverse range of light, colors and depth and creates stunning photographs like no other.

My photography has earned awards and has been in juried photography exhibitions. I am very honored to be a member of the Gallery at Marina Square and a photographer on the Central Coast.

Blue © Beth Sargent

Tranquil Harbor © Beth Sargent

Here is a quote from a poem that really says it all for me:
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” 
Rumi—Sufi Poet

James Crawford—Photography

James Crawford
Crawford loves to use his cameras, computers and different softwares as a brush to create his visions. He enjoys photographing rocks, trees and water as well as different natural elements both in black & white and in color. “Crawf” is always experimenting and learning to expand his craft.

Cayucos Pier II © James Crawford

James has been displayed at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Orange County, California, Photo Technique Magazine, Preston Contemporary Art Center in Mesilla, NM , The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Co., L.A. Center for Digital Art, Cal Poly (SLO), SLO Arts Gallery, SLO Coast Journal, Johnson Gallery, The Photoshop, San Luis Artist’s Gallery, Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo City Hall, Gallery at the Network-San Luis Obispo, Olive Tree Fine Arts Gallery in Atascadero, Calif.  and San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. Crawford's work also hangs in many private collections worldwide.

Stone Border to the Smooth Beach © James Crawford

Alice Cahill—Photography

Alice Cahill
In my photography I strive to see with the eyes of my heart, to find the essence of my photographic subjects. With a sense of wonder I explore nature’s wild places, her textures and designs. My images convey a deep spiritual connection with nature. I believe the natural world is a healing force and a refuge from the chaos of daily life. When we are quiet and listen, we can find peace and discover our own inner voice of wisdom.

Escape © Alice Cahill
Sand Prints © Alice Cahill

I have been honored to receive numerous awards for my photography. Most recently, I was the Grand Prize winner of Audubon Magazine’s 2012 contest and my photo of a Northern Flicker was published on the cover of the magazine. 

I am a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. My photography is also represented by GETTY Images.


Charles Pruitt—Photography

Chuck Pruitt
Chuck Pruitt was mentored by Boone Morrison, founder of the Volcano Art Institute in Volcano National Park during a time that he lived in Hawaii, he. This association led to meeting and learning from Brett Weston, Minor White, and Paul Caponigro. During this time Chuck began working in large and medium film formats, and abstract photography using color infrared film and long exposures, often taking a 4x5 Crown Graphic on backpacking trips.

Tranquil Evening © Chuck Pruitt

After returning to California, Chuck studied photography. In college he combined chemistry and photo classes to recreate historic techniques of wet plate negatives, cyanotypes, platinum and albumin printing methods. He received state and national recognition for his experimental prints.

Spring Storm—Half Dome © Charles Pruitt

Chuck took up digital photography in 2004, but also still uses his 50+ year old Hassleblad. In 2008 he began printing on canvas and other fine art media. This process is called Giclée (zhee clay) and uses archival inks and media.

Jack McNeal—Photography

Jack McNeal
I am by nature an explorer. My photographs represent what I find on my wanderings.  I try to present the feel of place rather than represent things.  My objective in this effort is to show my love for the outdoors, particularly the seacoast.  I walk, cycle and paddle, exploring primarily my immediate environs.

I hope these efforts successfully help others appreciate the beauty I find.

Jack McNeal

Evening, Hazard Beach © Jack McNeal
Sand Dollar Beach © Jack McNeal

Karen Peterson—Photography

Karen Peterson—already
a photographer
Karen’s interest in photography began when she received her first camera on her ninth birthday. After earning her B.S. in Recreation Administration her interest was rekindled by her Father’s gift of his old Zeiss Contaflex 35 mm SLR.

In the early 1990’s Karen began creating Polaroid image & emulsion transfers, printed onto Polacolor 669 film from her original slides, and transferred onto watercolor paper. Karen also worked with an SX-70 Camera and Polaroid’s Time Zero Film manipulating the soft emulsion layer. Polaroid has discontinued making both Polacolor and Time Zero Film.

The Line Up © Karen Peterson

Currently Karen is exploring a variety of alternative digital techniques including digital “hand coloring” and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Estero Bay © Karen Peterson

Karen’s photographs have been accepted for juried shows including Visions, Shapes & Shades and Photomorphosis, sponsored by the Central Coast Photographic Society, and the Phantom Show, sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA). Her images have won awards at California Mid State Fair, New Times Photo Contest, Kodak International Snapshot Awards, and Visions Shows.

Karen has served as President of both the Central Coast Photographic Society and the San Luis Obispo Camera Club.