Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Media Spotlight—Fabric & Soft Sculpture

Sandy Christey—Silk

Sandy Christey paints on silk and designs jewelry. Sandy enjoys putting vibrant colors together and says that art is also a meditation for her. She loves painting on silk! The silk is stretched on a frame and provides a surface for the vibrant colors to be absorbed. Since she is inspired by nature, Sandy includes flowers in most of her scarves, purses, and glasses cases.

Debbie McCrigler—Soft Sculpture & Jewelry
Debbie has been interested in sewing since the age of 9, as her mother was a seamstress. Debbie began making many different items of clothing to include her own patterns. By the age of 17, Debbie was selling her fabric dolls.

Today, Debbie makes many wonderful things with her fabrics, to include dolls, animals, wearable art and more.