Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Media Spotlight—Acrylic Artists 2012

Linda Loebs—Acrylic

Linda Loebs
Every time I look at a blank canvas it is a challenge—can I create something that is interesting to view? There’s the subject matter, the composition, and color that all need to work together for a successful image to appear, and until the picture is complete I’m always filled with a bit of angst.

Summer Sizzle © Linda Loebs
More than anything I want my art to be visually captivating to the viewer, so color is a very important element in my work. I have tried to tone down my colors, but it just doesn’t happen. I may start off using a subtle color palette, but before long, BAM, color has made an entrance in a very big way.

Big City Night © Linda Loebs
Most of my work deals with nature because of the infinite beauty it contains. I look at all that color and I’m compelled to try and recreate it through my art.

Deb Festa—Acrylic

Deb Festa

Deb paints with passion and joy in her heart. She is known as the “Happy Painter” because of her vibrant color combinations and her spirit of life. She finds excitement in capturing nature’s light, color and ever-changing moods in her refreshing acrylic paintings. Deb likes to pile the acrylics on thick, which is very different from her watercolors. She also uses five coats of urethane to finish off the painting. Painting large is what she likes with her acrylic painting and not to use frames.

Deb is a self taught artist who gets so immersed in her painting that it becomes a form of meditation. She believes her hands are being guided by a divine power and is blessed for the gift that she has been given.

Deb starts first by taking photos with her camera to stop the magical moment before the clouds or reflections move. She works in her studio from her photos and memories to create her paintings.

Deb Festa has become well known throughout the Central Coast with local and international art lovers who have purchased her work. Her artwork is in 43 states and 20 countries. She loves to track where her paintings travel to. She has had over 50 solo exhibitions, many group shows, and a television appearance.

Ardella (Jo) Swanberg—Acrylic

Proud teacher, Jo Swanberg, with some of her students.

Ardella Swanberg has been painting the Central Coast for 14 years. She loves to paint outside (plein air). One of her favorite tools is the camera. She takes a thousand photographs a year. Thank goodness for digital cameras and the computer. Ardella was primarily a watercolorist for 50 years but lately she has expanded to acrylic and oil. Ardella finds that all media are challenging and surprising. That is what excites her.

Morro Sunset © Ardella Swanberg

Producing a good design that captures the viewers imagination is Ardella’s primary goal. Although she does enjoy painting realistically, Ardella is expanding her horizons by venturing into abstraction and non-objective painting. This approach is exciting and dangerous. She never knows if the painting will be good or a total failure. It keeps her on her toes.

Tahitian-Vendor © Ardella Swanberg
Ardella Swanberg has paintings in many private collections. She has also had paintings accepted in exhibitions in California, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Italy and Malaysia.

Ardella studied art education at the University of Minnesota and in San Francisco. She teaches at the Cayucos Vets Hall on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 9 am to noon, and at Art Central in San Luis Obispo.

Stephen Wolfe—Acrylic

Stephen Wolfe
Each painting is a journey. I like to look at the painting and feel that I can go somewhere. The journey arrives not at a final destination, but at a new opportunity. This is much like hiking in the hills. Each peak, once reached, offers a new place to go – a new opportunity. 

The language of abstract art is foreign to many. Yet much can be communicated. Although the language is abstract, the expression, like music or dance can be universal, connecting people everywhere with feelings of sensuousness, hope, curiosity and comfort.

Untitled © Stephen Wolfe
Motivating my abstract paintings is communicating those ideas, feelings, reactions that I cannot duplicate with words; if I can say it I don’t paint it.

Much like jazz using notes and rhythm,I use motion, shape and color to connect with people from the corners of the bayous of Louisiana to the metropolitan areas of Seattle.  With the journey or each painting I experience an adventure.  I try to arrive at a place of grace –acceptance yet anticipation, hope and excitement all residing side by side.

Untitled © Stephen Wolfe
When people see my work hopefully they are provoked to feel or follow their own thoughts to a new place—have their own adventures.

Deborah Kyle Hintergardt—Acrylic

Deborah Hintergardt shows off her wall

Deborah painted simple, vibrant, richly colored country landscapes for three years while living in Los Angeles. In November of 2004 she moved to the landscape of her dreams, the Central Coast.

Celebration © Deborah Hintergardt
A self-taught artist with a distinctive style, her artistic goal is to impart a sense of peace and satisfaction with the moment, as well as an expectation for the future.

Ms. Hintergardt is Co-President of the Atascadero Art Association and a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

Mountain-Stream © Deborah Hintergardt

Galen Griswold—Acrylic

Galen Griswold
The dean of Galen’s graduate school suggested that along with a professional career one must find a connection with culture. For Galen, painting became that connection.

Galen studied with Ted Goerschner and Ted Christensen, and has also studied at Alameda College and San Francisco Art Institute.

Crystal Cove © Galen Griswold
His art has emerged through experimentation and a deep appreciation for the work of others.

Selling over a thousand art pieces, Galen’s collectors express appreciation for his use of color, vibrancy, and energy.

Acadia Color © Galen Griswold

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Media Spotlight—Fabric & Soft Sculpture

Sandy Christey—Silk

Sandy Christey paints on silk and designs jewelry. Sandy enjoys putting vibrant colors together and says that art is also a meditation for her. She loves painting on silk! The silk is stretched on a frame and provides a surface for the vibrant colors to be absorbed. Since she is inspired by nature, Sandy includes flowers in most of her scarves, purses, and glasses cases.

Debbie McCrigler—Soft Sculpture & Jewelry
Debbie has been interested in sewing since the age of 9, as her mother was a seamstress. Debbie began making many different items of clothing to include her own patterns. By the age of 17, Debbie was selling her fabric dolls.

Today, Debbie makes many wonderful things with her fabrics, to include dolls, animals, wearable art and more.