Thursday, December 1, 2011

Media Spotlight—Handmade Crafts 2011

Lois Pruitt—Wood

Lois Pruitt at her scroll saw.
Lois Pruitt has been working with wood for over twenty years. She mainly does scroll saw work, which means she can’t cut a straight line!

Lois began by cutting out and painting wooden pins. One day when she dropped off her son at school, she took a collection of her pins in to show the teachers and staff. They loved them and for the next ten years she took her woodcrafts to the schools. She enjoyed hearing how everyone loved them and through the years she would see her pins everywhere.

Lois uses a scroll saw to cut out the very tiny pieces
that make up her beautiful work.

Since joining Gallery at Marina Square, Lois has taken it up a notch and started experimenting with exotic woods. She’s now making key chains and little boxes. She just loves trying new patterns.

Christmas Creche © Lois Pruitt
(notice the AA battery for scale!)
Dragon Wall Plaque © Lois Pruitt
(about 8" high)

Kristina Albion—Handmade Soap

Kristina Albion
Kristina Albion has super-sensitive skin... so the beautiful hand-made soap she makes is all natural, made from vegetable oils, without any added scent. It’s a creamy consistency, it’s got that wonderful natural-clean smell, and it lasts forever! After she makes it, Kristina wraps the soap and lets it “cure”—this makes the soap harder, last longer, and lather better.

Kristina Albion’s hand-made soap.

Rick Carter—Wood

Rick Carter, hard at work!
Rick Cater has been interested in working with wood since his woodshop class in the 8th grade. He loves see the beauty of the grain pop out as the wood is smoothed and finished.

Since his retirement in 2010 Rick has been able to work on his art several days a week. He’s currently working on smaller items for the home that make thoughtful gifts. He’s using interesting hardwoods, including several species from Asia, Africa, and South America. All his woods are natural, with no stains or dyes.

Coaster sets © Rick Carter

Cutting boards © Rick Carter

Rick can make larger items, such as butcher block tables, custom made to your specifications.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Media Spotlight—Pen & Ink and Pencil Artists 2011

George Asdel—Pen & Ink & Colored Pencil

George Asdel, drawing in books

George Asdel has had studios and galleries in Newfoundland, Canada, and in Shell Beach, Morro Bay, and Atascadero, California. His work is in public and private collections around the world. His work has appeared in numerous publications, radio and on television. He has thirty-five books of his art completed and has illustrated several books for other writers. He is writing poems for many of his drawings.

Much of George’s art is a whimsical narrative between humans and other creatures, in pen and ink, acrylic paints, and lino prints. George has taught art at the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero. He also paints on location with plein air landscape groups. George studied art at three universities.

Curious Fish © George Asdel
Dreamer and Tiger © George Asdel

Don Doubledee—Pen & Ink & Colored Pencil

Don Doubledee
Architect, Artist and Photographer
Don Doubledee is an Architect practicing in Morro Bay since 1982. His pen and pencil sketch art has been a hobby. He has been known primarily for his pencil portraits of employees and clients. His “Postcards of Amsterdam” series from 2001 began what Don calls his “Postcard” sketches. They feature pencil line drawings he created while traveling. His “Postcards of Morro Bay” series features pencil and ink drawings and watercolors of Morro Bay’s waterfront. In addition to Graphite, Prisma Colors, pastels, and watercolor, Don is experimenting with mixed media with more his recent work. Don is also an amateur photographer and has added photography to his palette.

Suntan © Don Doubledee
North Point View © Don Doubledee