Thursday, July 1, 2010

Media Spotlight—Oil Painters 2010

Galen Griswold—Oil Painting

Galen Griswold

“Plein-Air and painting oils on a choice location is what I love to do best. ” A quick work up of abstract shapes in acrylic enable me to get a feeling and focus for the subject matter and the energy of the environs. I then go back in with oils Moving around the canvas placing detail while embellishing the scene that confronts and intrigues me. It is a real passionate and energetic engagement for me. Oil seems to flow, surprises emerge between the mixing of color and the application of the paint to the canvas. In dialogue with the tension between the under painting and layers of application in oil, I move to a finished product. I sometimes to do accent touch-up back in the studio a day or two later. I love to mix the oils right on the canvas at times. Sensing a scene and surfacing possibility comes with ease in oil. I like the fluidity, the surprises and the mixing of the paint. I seek to capture the energy and the movement within nature.

Holister from Sky West © Galen Griswold
Morro Bay Rocks © Galen Griswold

Patricia Newton
—Oil Painting

Patricia Newton

Fueled by curiosity and imagination, Patricia Newton has always been intrigued by the essence of light, luminous color, expression of a face, warm gentle breezes, the smell of citrus or salty air.

Patricia was influenced by the professional artists and their work, of family members while growing up.

Patricia’s style is representational, utilizing a glazing technique by brushing on several thin layers of oil paint that lend a translucent effect and emanate light to her subjects. Her use of color and dimension are reflective of realism.

An award winning artist, Patricia feels that in the end, it is not how well you paint or the number of accolades you gain, but how much you have grown as a result. Moreover, that the gift of creative spirit is celebrated and shared.

Patricia has painted in oil for approximately 30 years and resides on the Central Coast of California.

Sunrise Over Morro Rock © Patricia Newton
The Romance of Morro Rock © Patricia Newton

Nona Jane Siragusa—Oil Painting

Nona Jane Siragusa

Plein-air artist, Nona Jane Siragusa’s landscape and seascape paintings capture the clear and intense light of the Central Coast. Among California’s Impressionist-inspired painters, Nona Jane is trained to paint “en plein-air” or out-of-doors. Taking advantage of the bright light and warm climate, she seeks to catch the fleeting moments of specific natural light as it bathes the surrounding landscapes and seascapes. Nona Jane believes that the biblical analogy of light as the creative instrument is appropriate to the land and ocean of the Central Coast—for without that unique light and the divine energy it represents, the land would not exist. Nona Jane Siragusa lives in Morro Bay and paints her Central Coast landscapes and seascapes in oils on canvas. She also makes giclées of her work on canvas and archival paper.

Back Bay © Nona Jane Siragusa
Morro Bay Afternoon © Nona Jane Siragusa

Ardella Swanberg—Oil Painting

Ardella Swanberg

Of all the media I have studied, I love watercolor best. I started using watercolor when I was a freshman in high school and the art teacher told the class, “Well, it takes twenty years to become proficient with watercolor.” I thought at that moment, “I better get started”!

Recently, I have expanded my media to include oils and acrylics. They are wonderful. I love not having to “save my lights.” I also love the viscosity of oil paint and the immediate gratification of acrylics. To me painting is painting and the medium doesn’t matter as long as I can put paint on a surface in an interesting design.

I paint because I have to. Some people have to write, build things, repair cars, surf, run or garden. I have to create paintings. So as long as I am doing it, I try to do it well.

Checking the Surf © Ardella Swanberg
Spring Coast © Ardella Swanberg